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In the aftermath of the coup, steps were taken to lớn placate " warring " minorities, especially those of the oilproducing areas.
More to the point, in the aftermath of the financial crisis, non-statutory welfare expenditures decreased khổng lồ 7 per cent of overall labour costs.
The private sector, for its part, expanded from an initially smaller role, centred on manufacturing industry adjusting khổng lồ the aftermath of war.
Not surprisingly, the aftermath of founding elections frequently brings about efforts to introduce changes in electoral systems that would benefit the current incumbents.
It is noticeable that elite male costume changes much more markedly than female in the aftermath of conquest.
The provision of relief in the aftermath of the 1989 earthquake, for instance, was an important factor in their success.
Personal experience in managing axinh tươi compression fractures, their aftermath, & the bone pain syndrome, in osteoporosis.
The song"s recording date (1935) is misleading because there is evidence that the lyrics were composed in the immediate aftermath of the event.
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