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Four-day-old males were not attracted by lures or visual cues alone, while they are attracted by lures presented with asparagus odours.
The location and timing of endo- -mannanase production and the increase in activity of -mannoside mannohydrolase in seeds of germinated asparagus were followed.
The volatiles found in green asparagus were radically different from those found in previous studies.
Visual stimuli alone had no attractive effect even for 4-day-old males that are usually attracted by asparagus.
Tests using males showed that the presence of a congener was not a necessary factor for attraction to asparagus (fig. 4).
Green asparagus (10 g) was rapidly crushed in a flask fitted to another flask immersed in liquid nitrogen and connected to a vacuum pump.
When used with plant odour, eight pieces of asparagus (thickness 0.5 cm) were placed in a cup (diameter 2 cm) at the base of each lure.
Males responded to asparagus on the first day after emergence and females responded to the host-plant/male pheromone blend as early as the second day after emergence.
Field studies of host finding by the asparagus fly would be necessary to improve control strategies and particularly biological control against this pest.
Hence, in this paper we report on the location and timing of endo- -mannanase production in seeds of germinated asparagus.
The observation that endo- -mannanase is not active in asparagus seeds prior to the completion of germination is in keeping with the hypothesis that the micropylar endosperm structurally facilitates germination.
When used as a stimulus, male flies were confined within a plastic net cage 2 cm in diameter that was attached to the middle asparagus spear on the upwind side.
Cell walls in developing and germinated asparagus seed mannanase activity in the skin and outer pericarp of tomato fruits during ripening.
Despite their lower responsiveness to the host plant alone, females showed the strongest anemotactic response when presented with a stimulus combining asparagus volatiles and male pheromones.

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a family consisting of two parents and their children, but not including aunts, uncles, grandparents, etc.

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