Introduction | Broken Rice (Cơm Tấm) | Pork Stew (Thịt Kho Tàu) | MapWherever you are in Vietphái mạnh – from Saigon to Hanoi, from the Mekong Delta khổng lồ the Red River, from the Central Highlands to lớn the Northwest Mountains – you can always rely on one of two dishes to fill you up: cơm trắng tấmgiết thịt kho tàu – broken rice và pork stew. These two pork dishes are ubiquitous in Vietphái nam. Breakfast, lunch or dinner; they’re always available. Forget phsinh sống – the famous beef noodle soup – the real national dish of Vietnam is pork và rice.

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The Lunchtime Rush at Quán Cơm 17, SaigonPork stew is usually cheap. On the street it should be between 15,000 – 30,000VND ($0.75 – $1.50) with rice, a small soup and an iced tea.

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Ordering is easy – just point it out among muốn the trays of food. Don’t expect it to lớn be hot – these are quiông chồng lunches for busy people and everything is pre-cooked. You can find hot pork stew on the thực đơn in most restaurants, but obviously be prepared to lớn pay more.

LocationsNote: Things change quickly in developing Vietnam giới. The following information is accurate at the time of writing, but some details are bound khổng lồ be out-of-date by the time you read them. Please let me know of any changes, so I can update my posts.Local lunch eateries are so common that it’s best to lớn ‘feel’ your way to lớn a popular one. But these are a few of my favourites (all locations in Saigon):Map: Quán Cơm 17; 17 Mạc Đĩnh Chi, District 1 – while the smart food chains either side of this local eating house are always empty, by contrast Quán 17 is always pleasantly packed with food and customers, especially during the lunchtime rush.

Map: Quán Cơm Minch Đức; 35 Tôn Thất Tùng, District 1 – a huge eating hall that inexplicably attracts a badly-dressed crowd – their taste in food, however, is spot-on!Map: Nhà Hàng Hoàng Yến; 148 HBT Hai bà Trưng, District 1 – for those who want to order giết kho tàu off a thực đơn, this restaurant will suffice – they even have tablecloths và napkins!Bachồng khổng lồ Thịt Kho Tàu contents | Baông xã lớn Cơm Tấm contents | Back lớn Top | Map MAP:

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