a long piece of writing on a particular subject, especially one that is done in order to receive sầu a degree at college or university:

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a long piece of writing on a particular subject, esp. one that is done for a Ph.D. (= high university degree)
These dissertations were produced by graduate students who worked for many years in the city & who have sầu collectively rewritten the history of the đô thị.
Section 2 is a dissertation complementing và continuing the elective; in this đánh giá, we focus on the dissertation research.
However, a significant weakness is its handling of sources, which is curious as the work is essentially a doctoral dissertation.
A postgraduate diploma option can be obtained after completion of the core and optional modules or a master"s degree after an additional retìm kiếm project dissertation.
If the degree is greater than unity, the dynamics are qualitatively the same as in my dissertation: history-dependent growth that can be explosive sầu or implosive sầu.
It begins with a dissertation at a research university, in which one compensates for the obscurity of one"s subject by ferocious diligence in researching it.
Projects could range from a traditional recital or dissertation, but also allow for lecture recitals và performances of own compositions khổng lồ be submitted.
This dissertation analyzes và applies ideas from cakecutting lớn the design và analysis of negotiation protocols.
Individually many of these articles are, or have been, used by academics for structuring undergraduate reading assignments, tutorials or essay/dissertation work.
You were at the same time working on your licentiate dissertation, which dealt with aspects of fiscal policy, right?

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To get a doctor"s degree you had subsequently to write a doctoral dissertation, which had khổng lồ be a printed book.
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