We are an American success story of a hard-working couple that discovered an opportunity in a newly adopted đô thị and proceeded lớn build a long-lasting family business. Our story spans 6 generations (96 years) và truly tells a beautiful story of Los Angeles và Southern California. Described by critics as an LA “Institution”, we invite you to taste our history in every bite.



Alejandro Borquez pushes bachồng from the dinner table and says lớn his beautiful young bride, Rosa,” You are such a good cook we should open up a restaurant” và one year later open The Sonora Cafe in a small storefront on Broadway and Santa Barbara Avenue (near the Coliseum).

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A guest wanders in for dinner và while he is waiting for his dinner draws a figure of a man on the thực đơn & calls him “EL CHOLO”. (In those days the name was given their field hands by the Spanish settlers in California). History is made when Alejandro likes the man và the name and immediately changes SONORA CAFE to lớn EL CHOLO CAFE.



George Salisbury is eating dinner at EL CHOLO and meets the Borquez’s daughter, Aurelia. They court, decide khổng lồ marry and open their own EL CHOLO.



In a storefront at 11th and Western, they open EL CHOLO with 8 stools, 3 booths and a hot top stove on which they heat the tortillas on the top, melt the cheese enchiladas underneath. That stove sầu is still on display in our lobby.



Joe Reimãng cầu comes to work as a dishwasher. Shortly thereafter becomes head chef -a job that is khổng lồ last 54 years và forever influence the Mexican restaurant industry.


Carmen Rophụ thân joins EL CHOLO. She starts making a dish called “nachos” that she made in her hometown of San Antonio. Again History is made.

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Aurelia and George’s son, Ron, opens our La Habra location making El Cholo a 3rd generation, family-owned restaurant.


A longtime guest one night says “let me show you how khổng lồ make a great margarita.” Again history is made. Eventually, EL CHOLO becomes the world’s largest user of Cuervo 1800 Tequila và the first to introduce premium ingredients in a margarita. George Salisbury transfers ownership to lớn his son Ron.


El Cholo opens in Downtown Los Angeles across from Staples center và Nokia / LA Live. Our Filet Mignon Tacos are awarded Best Tateo.

It's GREEN CORN Tamale Season at El Cholo! From May 1st until the over of October, green corn tamales are available in store!Don't forget, we are your TO-GO headquarters for margaritas!!) ORDER your to-go margaritas - single, pint, quart và GALLON for delivery or piông xã up from all 6 of our locations along with the wonderful food you love from El Cholo. Allow El Cholo's margaritas và recipeskhổng lồ get your through this time.

All locations open 11:30 AM - 9:00 PM Daily

We ask that you follow our strict social distancing policies by maintaining six feet of space between you và other people when picking up your to-go orders or seating at the restaurant. Bring your masks and wear them when arriving, leaving và heading to lớn public areas like the restroom.
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