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An ugly, twisted expression on a person"s face, typically expressing disgust, pain, or wry amusement.

‘Adam"s mouth was twisted inlớn something between a smile and a grimace of pain.’‘Stoic và economical in his movements, expressing emotional pain through tight-lipped grimaces and squinty eyes, Mortenson is the perfect cowboy anh hùng.’‘There was a brief moment where he could not hide his wince, his small grimace of pain.’‘Ty had already grunted and sunk down, clutching at the arrow in her shoulder with a grimace of pain.’‘The black-haired one scowls, pulling her face into an ugly grimace.’‘Her father"s thin lips twisted into a grimace of such severity that they all but vanished from existence.’‘His face twisting into a grimace, he managed to bring his legs onto lớn the bed & Francesca covered hlặng with the blankets.’‘There was a slight grimace upon his face but the grimace wasn"t that of physical pain.’‘There was some mild pain but, other than a few grimaces which her audience didn"t see because she was in constant action & far enough away, she managed lớn stifle most of it.’‘A sharp pain scored the bachồng of his throat, và he swallowed with a small grimace.’‘Regan attempted a smirk, but had khổng lồ settle for a grimace when the effort made his face flare in pain again.’‘On the other hvà, I"ve had patients hobble in with a grimace and tell me their pain cấp độ is a two.’‘Lisa tried to smile at his worried expression, but it came out as a grimace.’‘Her stiff expression broke inlớn a smile that seemed more lượt thích a grimace lớn Shamus.’‘Ian listened for a few seconds, his blvà smile twisting slowly into lớn an exaggerated grimace.’‘He met my gaze, và his lips curled baông chồng in a grimace more sneer than snarl.’‘Number one rule; never smile at your opponent (s); scowls and grimaces are the order of the day.’‘He quickly wiped his finger onkhổng lồ his black apron with a grimace and leaned on the counter, smiling sweetly to lớn her.’‘I felt my lips tighten in a rictus that was closer lớn a grimace than a smile.’


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Make a grimace.

‘I sipped the coffee và grimaced’
More example sentences
‘Morgan beamed & reached for his coffee, grimacing as he took a small sip.’‘She sipped her coffee, grimacing at the taste.’‘After a moment, she pulled her mouth away from his, grimacing và protesting.’‘Both athletes ground to a halternative text, clutching their thighs và grimacing before they were even two-thirds of the way down the traông chồng.’‘She stopped by for a bit and during her discussion with Suzie, she grimaced và grabbed her forehead.’‘He struck it well, but grimaced as he watched it drift outside the near post.’‘As she grimaced and grunted her way through lớn her third Wimbledon title, she got a little lucky.’‘Then he caught a look at himself in the mirror, with the angry scowl on his face, and grimaced.’‘Make a conscious effort khổng lồ relax your face when you find yourself drawing your brows together or grimacing.’‘Piper splashed her face with water, grimacing at the picture in the mirror.’‘Magnus pushed himself khổng lồ his feet, grimacing as he put a hvà khổng lồ his head.’‘She took a sip of the brownish liquid in her can, grimacing slightly.’‘She watched, hand poised at his baông xã, as Emery grimaced and tried lớn sit up.’‘One day, we were all at some bar, having rounds of drinks, when I mentioned crawfish again, và Hiroki grimaced and made retching noises.’‘I grimaced and suppressed an urge to lớn wring my hands.’‘The coach grimaces when he reflects upon the current challenges that face his squad, given the ‘five to lớn six weeks’ he was left with lớn assemble an entirely new roster from scratch.’‘Kris smiles then grimaces at the pain once again.’‘The poor man grimaces in pain & falls to lớn one knee.’‘An icy blast of wind from the Arctic swirled down the hillside & froze the skin on his face. He grimaced, hunched his shoulders, & trudged on.’


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