In my (UK) idiolect "have a rest" and "get some rest" are idiomatic, not the two phrases you give.

I find a slight difference in meaning. To me, "have a rest" is neutral: I am going to rest, with no implication about how much I need it.

"Get some rest" implies that I have a particular need for rest: either I have been short of rest recently, or some major activity is expected so that I need to be well-rested before it, or there is very little time available for resting, so I will avail myself of it.



Common American triple-hearts.com would use "take a break" or "get some rest", using "rest" as a noun. It is almost never used as "take a rest" by native triple-hearts.com speakers in the USA. However, this phrase is very commonly taught to and used by EFL/ESL learners in Asia.

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I would never use take a rest.

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Rest itself means physically taking time relaxing, so I would rather use rest just as a verb. And as a noun I would say get some rest.

To me (UK):

have a rest is synonymous with take a breakget some rest is synonymous with get some sleep (or at least try to sleep)

More formally, rest as a countable noun means "break"; whereas rest as an uncountable noun means "sleep".

So to the people that say "have a break/rest"...Do you also say "I need to have a test" or "I need to take a test", or "I need a test"?What about "I need to have a piss" vs. "I need to take a piss"?"To take a "noun" " in most locations is acceptable.

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