If you move sầu along/over/up (= go further khổng lồ the side, baông chồng, or front) a little, Tess can sit next lớn me.

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Police officers at the scene of the accident were asking people to move along/on (= to go lớn a different place).

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A vote was just about to be taken when someone stood up & said that they wished to lớn move sầu an amendment.
in some board games, a change of the position of one of the pieces used to lớn play the game, or a change of position that is allowed by the rules, or a player"s turn lớn move sầu their piece:
if a store, office, factory, etc. moves, or if someone moves it, it becomes situated in another place:
move sầu offices/headquarters/operations Airline operations are in the process of being moved lớn Terminal 2.

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One financial analyst said the court decision could prompt the company to lớn move more quickly on the issue.
move sầu ahead/forward/away from sth The state is moving ahead with legislation reforms for small businesses.
a move by sb/sth Economists said a move sầu by Japan lớn cut interest rates in isolation would have sầu little effect on currency levels.
a bold/strategic/dramatic move Strategic moves announced with the interyên results should strengthen the balance sheet và improve cash flow.
a move comes/follows The company"s move sầu comes as part of a wider industry crackdown on insurance fraud.
a move (away) from sth We have sầu incorporated several new concepts in recent months, including a move from commission-only staff lớn a team bonus structure.
This may include planning a further move lớn housing offering a greater degree of shelter, or even greater reliance on families.
By formulating plans in advance, agents can avoid the need down the line to lớn deliberate about their next move.
Hence, it is difficult khổng lồ explain why players would conceive of the simultaneous move game in sequential terms.
Perhaps, moreover, a case can be made for saying that philosophical understanding is advanced, not by solving problems head-on, but by moving around them.
Likewise, conversion-that is, entry lớn or exit from these communities-is religiously forbidden và socioculturally difficult (unless one physically moves away from the community).
After the recording and the developing, the hologram was returned to the second holder and moved into the laser beam line.
A small chạy thử flash was first used to center the stimulus over the receptive sầu field by manually moving it to elicit a maximum response.
The remaining fourteen had moved inkhổng lồ private enterprise, mostly with firms specializing in the field of their former ministries.





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