Do you want lớn use Office 2013 on your computer? If so, you need to get the Office 2013 tải về first. This post from MiniTool Partition Wizard offers the không tính tiền Microsoft Office 2013 Professional Plus download source and shows you how to install it.

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Microsoft Office 2013 System Requirements

Microsoft Office 2013 was officially released in 2013 and the tư vấn for it will be ended on April 11, 2023. The stable version is Microsoft Office 2013 SP1 released in 2014.

Microsoft Office 2013 can run on Windows 10/8/7, Windows RT, Windows Server 2012, và Windows Server 2008/2012 R2. Apart from the OS requirements, to run Office 2013, your PC should also meet the following requirements:

CPU: 1GHz or fasterRAM: 1GB for the 32-bit version and 2GB for the 64-bit versionStorage: 3GBSoftware: .NET Framework 3.5, 4.0, or 4.5


Graphics hardware acceleration requires a screen resolution of 1024×576 pixels or larger & a DirectX 10-compliant GPU with at least 64 MB of video memory.


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Microsoft Office 2013 Download và Install

Microsoft Office 2013 includes Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Onelưu ý, Outlook, Advertiser, Access, InfoPath, Lync, SharePoint Designer, Project, and Visio. According to the edition you buy, the tools you get vary in number, but the Professional Plus edition comes with the most tools.

If you want lớn try Office 2013 on your, you should get the Office 2013 tải về first. However, Office 2013 has been no longer available since February 28, 2017.

Then, how khổng lồ tải về and install Office 2013? Here are 2 ways for you.


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Way 1. Download Microsoft Office 2013 Online

Some people may have sầu packaged Office 2013 and uploaded it lớn websites like Archive sầu. Then, you can get the Microsoft Office 2013 không lấy phí download there. Or you can cliông chồng the links below to lớn get the Microsoft Office 2013 Professional Plus download directly.

Microsoft Office 2013 Professional Plus SP1 English 32-bit

Microsoft Office 2013 Professional Plus SP1 English 64-bit

If you tải về Microsoft Office 2013 from the above sầu links, you will get a zip file. Unzip the tệp tin, and you will find an ISO file in the thư mục. xuất hiện the ISO tệp tin with File Explorer. You will find a cài đặt file.

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Then, you need lớn uninstall the current Office via Control Panel first and then run the cài đặt tệp tin to install Office 2013.


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Way 2. Use OInstall

It’s an installer for the cracked Office 2013/2016/2019 Pro Plus version. If you tải về it from a reliable website, it is safe. However, your PC will detect it as a virus even if it comes from a clean source.

So, if you want to use this tool, you need lớn disable the virut real-time protection on your PC temporarily. Otherwise, this tool will be deleted once it is downloaded. Here is the guide:

Press “Windows + I” keys to lớn open Settings.Go lớn Update & Security > Windows Security.Cliông chồng xuất hiện Windows Security.Go to lớn Virus & threat protection.On the right panel, under Virus & threat protection settings, clichồng Manage settings.Turn off Real-time protection.

Then, you can download the OInstall tool. When the PC tells you this tệp tin is dangerous, you just need to keep it anyway.

Now, you can use this tool lớn download và install Office 2013. Here is the guide:

Uninstall current Office via Control Panel.Launch OInstall, on the Main Window, cliông xã Force Remove Office, và then restart your PC.Launch OInstall again, choose Microsoft Office 2013, choose the x86 or x64 version, choose what software you want to install, & then click the Install Office button.Once the installation is complete, go lớn the Utilities và Settings tab, bởi vì the conversion "Office RETAIL => VL", và then cliông xã the Activate Office button.

Through the above sầu ways, you can get the Microsoft Office 2013 không tính phí tải về và installation. You can choose one way you lượt thích.

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