mission is to lớn help people và companies outpersize by enabling smarter selling in the digital economy. We’ve developed our predictive sầu & prescriptive sầu guidance over decades of testing in complex, real-world business cases, và our team of experts represent the industry’s best.

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Power nguồn of Innovation

More than trăng tròn in-house patents và patents-pending speak to the potency of our science và the ingenuity of the people who engineer it. Our integrated solution, The Platform, transforms và improves every shopping & selling interaction — enabling businesses to maximize revenue và profitability while increasing customer satisfaction, loyalty, & advocacy. Every day we drive sầu more than 400 million prices và 1.7 billion forecasts in more than 30 industries around the globe.

The Right Experience at the Right Time optimizes every shopping and selling experience with proven, state-of-the art AI lớn meet the needs of today’s omnichannel buyers. The result? Happy customers! Plus, an almost immediate increase in win rates & revenue.

The Smarthử nghiệm Science

We leverage 30 years of data science experience to continually disrupt how the world buys, sells, prices, and connects with customers. Our integrated platform is highly scalable và built khổng lồ deliver personalized, frictionless buying experiences.

Serious Tenure

Our algorithms have been honed through three decades of real-world scenarios. That"s a lot of mined data leading lớn big insights. We"ve led industry 4.0 trends in smart-science solutions for commerce, và our current work in AI & machine learning is helping mix the standard for the future.

Customer-First Culture

A partnership means working collaboratively with consistent executive sầu sponsorship and a customer-facing team eager to lớn advance your game in the digital economy. It means joining a movement of industry leaders who consistently outpersize their peers and renew their relationships with us more than 95 percent of the time.

Depth of Industry Knowledge

We’ve sầu spent over three decades developing deep expertise in more than 30 industries. We know your world. We can help you win it. We leverage that accrued experience to help navigate your specific market challenges.

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A brief history of big innovation

Our customers lead the worldwide digital economy. Here’s how we changed their game.

In 1985, founders Mariette and Ron Woestemeyer saw how a bit of forecasting, some burgeoning computer science và a lot of gumption could instantly mitigate a severe overbooking crisis based on high load factors at a major airline carrier.

Spoiler alert: it worked! Within a few years, that breakthrough algorithm (powered by a 286 Intel chip) made industry-wide waves, quickly launching the company lớn what is now the cutting edge of AI-infused pricing và selling solutions.

Nonstop expansion, never-ending innovation. That’s the rich history of For three decades, we’ve precision-tuned our smart science lớn help more than 30 industries solve sầu their most pressing commerce problems.

There’s a reason we receive sầu so many prestigious awards. has the science, the people và the vision to future-proof commerce in today’s digital economy. And we’ve proved it from the beginning. AI

Our AI takes machine learning và cognitive sầu computing to lớn the industry’s highest standards. All in service of your bottom line.

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