The children play while two teachers supervise (= make certain that they behave sầu correctly and are safe).

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lớn be responsible for the good performance of an activity or job, or for the correct behavior or safety of a person:
lớn manage a department, project, etc. và make sure that things are done correctly và according to lớn the rules:
A $650,000 fine was imposed against the Minneapolis-based company for failure to supervise its brokers.

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supervise workers/employees/staff Companies should provide special training for managers who supervise remote workers.
supervise a project/program/operations As chief of staff, he supervised the operations of the California Department of Justice.
adequately/properly/reasonably supervise It is the responsibility of the general contractor lớn properly supervise the work of all subcontractors.
The culture of medical education requires that physicians in training defer to lớn supervising physician on a variety of issues, including clinical judgment và ethical standards.
They were either elected or selected by the water users to supervise all activities concerning irrigation & to enforce rules.
Thus, exercises follow a simple question and answer scheme with adults taking the position of a teacher supervising the "work" done by the child.
The rest (17.9 per cent) are supervised by non-civil affairs agencies, mainly enterprises, public service units and social organisations.
This was followed by at least ten practice interviews that were closely monitored and supervised by the staff of the study.





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