The Nobody toàn thân. For someone who has been awarded multiple times in the music và show business industry, such Instagram bio is literally an understatement. But the now Melbourne-based Vietnamese singer & actor, Rocker Nguyen, believes that social media is a reflection of the handler’s authentic self – no filters and all.

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“It should be a healthy reflection of what’s on your mind and what interests you. So, I chose Nobody toàn thân because I wanted to lớn remind myself that it’s not the ego that I’m trying to lớn reflect on other people. It’s more about spreading positivity and good vibes,” he elaborated.


Nguyen Tran Hung Long, popularly known as Rocker Nguyen began his music career as early as eight. Along with his brother who played the guitar, they started a roông xã b& with hyên ổn on the drums. Young as he was, he remembered creating his Facebook profile with a name that he thought sounded fun và interesting – something lượt thích ‘rocking wind’. Later on, this stage name was adopted when he debuted in Vietnam giới as a singer and actor.

Contrary to traditional Asian parenting, Rocker grew up in a rather modern and open-minded family. Before he & his sister were sent khổng lồ study in Singapore, he fondly recalls being lectured by his parents on the pros & cons of overseas studies. He was only ten when he learned the advantages of becoming a global person – of becoming more independent, of getting exposed to diverse cultures, of having a better education – as well as the disadvantage and discomforts of being away from trang chủ.

Going through a teenage phase without parents to lớn physically guide hyên ổn, the concept of sacrifice dawned early on Rocker. That when you want lớn achieve sầu something, you must be willing khổng lồ accept all difficulties that come along with it.

When asked for the things he regretted most, Rocker shares that he thinks that the concept of regret is very useless.“I think regretting is something that is very useless. Because whatever you did, at that point, was exactly what you wanted. So, there’s no point in regretting now. But if there were any regrets, maybe it’s the fact that I didn’t have enough time with my parents.”

Shot through Facetime | Melbourne, Australia

Despite his successful debut as an artist in Vietphái mạnh, Rocker wasn’t able lớn escape depression. For three years, he battled in the background of his own spotlight.

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“It was very tough because you have lớn go through it while you’re some sort of a celebrity, a public figure. It took time before I finally got through it. And when I did, it gave me the determination khổng lồ never be sad again, to lớn always strive for goodness and a healthy mindset, lớn be happy with the little things. Because (at the moment), you never actually appreciate it. And you take it for granted. Until you have sầu khổng lồ suffer.”

After graduating high school in Singapore, Rocker moved to lớn nước Australia khổng lồ study at a university. There he spent most of his youth before he journeyed back to lớn Vietnam và got inkhổng lồ showbiz. But when the sparks of the limelight began to lớn fade off, when he no longer found the joy in his career, he decided lớn go back khổng lồ Melbourne & start his own business – a bubble tea store. There he incorporated his love for cooking by also serving Vietnamese food.

Rocker found new meaning in entrepreneurship. Self-exploration, as he puts it. Such a journey fueled hlặng to lớn survive sầu, sustain, & become as resourceful as he can be. “It’s like giving birth lớn a child. But instead of a tuy nhiên or music đoạn Clip, this is something that you have sầu to lớn constantly grind lớn keep it alive sầu. First entrepreneurship may not always be a successful one but it will be a life-transforming one. Because you get to lớn build your character along the way as your business grows. I have never imagined before that I will be challenged lượt thích this.”

Shot through Facetime | Melbourne, Australia

Leaving the comforts of trang chính at an early age founded Rocker’s belief that something can only be achieved when one ventures out of the comfort zone. This is why he started his business in Melbourne & left Vietnam giới. He felt the calling to lớn create something out of his own bare hands – the way his entrepreneur parents did. Staying in Vietnam giới, he thought, would only interfere with his calling because there’s a big chance that his parents would always be there to lớn tư vấn và solve sầu problems on his behalf.“I think that kind of defeats the whole purpose of entrepreneurship because entrepreneurship comes from being independent in the first place.”

Aside from handling business matters, Rocker has also been actively participating in charity works especially in this time of pandemic. He believes that everyone is capable of doing something lớn make the world a better place to lớn live sầu in.“If I’m struggling, there are people who are struggling much more than I bởi vì. Therefore, I think within my own capathành phố và if there’s anything that I can bởi vì, then I will vày it.”Despite the challenges in the food and beverage industry, he strived to maximize his skills in cooking, brewing tea, và selling beverages to organize charity events and get people khổng lồ tư vấn by buying products. Once, he made a commitment that whatever sales they generate over the weekend they will donate it lớn the flood victims in Vietphái nam. Surprisingly, a lot of people chimed in & joined such a cause. He found it to lớn be such a great way lớn bond with the community and raise awareness about the things people can vì for others.

Rocker admits that thoughts of going bachồng khổng lồ acting, singing, and performing have sầu also crossed his mind. However, at present, he’s really enjoying his peace of mind – away from show business. He finds it more rewarding to bởi vì ordinary hustle, to lớn work in his restaurant, to lớn be on his feet all day, to constantly get bruises và cuts, to build his character & grit. He’s not closing his doors though. “I will probably still act but the next project that I will take on will purely be something that I have sầu inspiration for. It’s not going to lớn be something that, you know, I weighed up for the commercial aspect. I’ll go for something that I thoroughly enjoy và I want lớn bởi no matter what.”


“Attention & fame are superficial things. They won’t matter in the long run. These should not change who I am. And who I will be. These are just byproducts of the success that I worked for – & shouldn’t change how I view myself or how I treat the people I love.”

With everything that he has been khổng lồ, Rocker takes comfort that everything’s going to lớn be fine someday. That if he were lớn give a message khổng lồ his younger self, he would only remind hlặng that:“It’s gonna be okay. It’s gonmãng cầu be fine. No matter how dark the day may seem, or no matter how hopeless the situation may be, eventually, it will be okay. There’s nothing, absolutely nothing that you should be worried about.”

And lớn those who didn’t believe in hlặng, khổng lồ those who caused him pain, Rocker found the wisdom to forget and move on.“Sometimes, you have sầu mean thoughts. But that doesn’t necessarily mean that you are a mean person. So, I hope that they grow. That they grow out of it. They grow up & one day, they will reflect upon what they did was wrong – probably, that would be the best thing that they can bởi vì for me. As the Vietnamese saying goes: performance is temporary but class is eternal. So, I have sầu class, and maybe my performance is up and down. But I know where it belongs. And I’ll stay away.”

Rocker plans to lớn fly bachồng to Vietphái mạnh once the travel restrictions are lifted. He shares how much he misses his family & wishes to lớn be reunited with them.

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