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Born:October 22, 1913HueVietphái mạnh...(Show more)Died:August 1, 1997 (aged 83)ParisFrance...(Show more)Title / Office:emperor (1926-1945), Vietnam...(Show more)House / Dynasty:Nguyen dynasty...

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(Show more)Notable Family Members:father Knhì Dinch...(Show more)

Bao Dai, original name Nguyen Vinh Thuy, (born Oct. 22, 1913, Vietnam—died Aug. 1, 1997, Paris, France), the last reigning emperor of Vietnam giới (1926–45).

The son of Emperor Knhì Dinh, a vassal of the French colonial regime, & a concubine of peasant ancestry, Nguyen Vinh Thuy was educated in France and spent little of his youth in his homeland. He succeeded to lớn the throne in 1926 & assumed the title Bao Dai (“Keeper of Greatness”). He initially sought to lớn rekhung & modernize Vietphái mạnh but was unable to lớn win French cooperation.


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During World War II the French colonial regime exercised a firm control over Bao Dai until the Japanese coup de force of March 1945, which swept away French administration in Indochina. The Japanese considered bringing bachồng the aging Prince Cuong De from nhật bản to lớn head a new quasi-independent Vietnamese state, but they finally allowed Bao Dai lớn remain as an essentially powerless ruler. When the Viet Minh seized power in their revolution of August 1945, Ho Chi Minh and his colleagues judged that there was symbolic value lớn be gained by having Bao Dai linked lớn them. The Viet Minh asked Bao Dai lớn resign và offered him an advisory role as “Citizen Prince Nguyen Vinh Thuy.” Finding that the Viet Minh accorded hlặng no role, & distrustful of the French, Bao Dai fled to Hong Kong in 1946. There he led a largely frivolous life, making appeals against French rule.

In 1949 the French accepted the principle of an independent Vietphái mạnh but retained control of its defense and finance. Bao Dai agreed to return to lớn Vietnam giới in these circumstances in May 1949, and in July he became temporary premier of a tenuously unified & nominally independent Vietnam giới. Reinstalled as sovereign, Bao Dai continued his pleasure-seeking ways và became generally known as the “Playboy Emperor.” He left the affairs of state lớn his various pro-French Vietnamese appointees, until October 1955 when a national referendum called for the country to lớn become a republic. Bao Dai retired và returned lớn France khổng lồ live sầu.

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