If things of the same type vary, they are different from each other, & if you vary them, you cause them to be different from each other:

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vary considerably/greatly/widely The incomes of self-employed professionals can vary widely from one month khổng lồ the next.
In addition, subtle but important changes can be induced in diatoms by varying the amount of silica in their environment or changing the water flow.
However, speciadanh mục services khổng lồ meet their mental health needs are still of varying quantity & unique.
However, the possible ultrastructural changes in myocardial cells brought about by varying the dietary nội dung of cholesterol và fibre have not gained any particular attention.
The selection is varied & well written, easily accessible & as coherent as a collection of such contributions can be.
First, it is possible that the lachồng of a differential relation across items of varying difficulty is a consequence of some type of methodological artifact.
To assess the cross-validation results, we divided the patients into predicted positive and predicted negative groups by using varying probability cut points.
However, the strength of the association and the category of patients in whom the association was seen varied from study to study.
At the same average màn chơi of health status, countries can achieve widely varying levels of health ineunique.
They could acquire without great expense communication devices that were varied, global, instantaneous, complex, & encrypted.

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