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To descover (something) on foot. One of the guys from the IT department said he"d walk down khổng lồ the room where the servers are lớn see what the problem was. I"ve always hated walking down the stairs to my cellar at night. It"s so spooky in there!2. To accompany or escort someone khổng lồ a lower màn chơi on foot. In this usage, a noun or pronoun is used between "walk" & "down." Thank you for coming in to lớn talk lớn us today. Sam will walk you down to lớn the lobby. The basement is a bit of a mess at the moment, so let me walk you down there.3. To travel along the course of something on foot. We couldn"t help but feel nervous as we started walking down the path inlớn the dark woods.

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I was just walking down the street, minding my own business, when someone suddenly hit me in the face with a pie.4. To accompany, escort, or maneuver someone or something along the course of something on foot. In this usage, a noun or pronoun is used between "walk" and "down." The police officers began walking the suspect down the sidewalk toward the station. I had to lớn walk my bike down the street because it had two flat tires.5. To travel to some specific location on foot. A: "Do you want lớn come over lớn my house tonight khổng lồ watch a movie?" B: "Sure, I"ll walk down after dinner." I walk down to the same news st& every morning lớn get a copy of the paper lớn bring with me on the train.6. To accompany or escort someone to lớn some specific location on foot. In this usage, a noun or pronoun is used between "walk" & "down." My parents insisted on walking me down to lớn the train station. I can walk you down to the ngân hàng to show you where it is.See also: down, walk

walk down something

lớn go down something on foot. She walked down the path và turned to lớn the right. Todd was walking down the road when they caught up with hyên.See also: down, walkSee also:

walk down

walk along, walk on We walked down the road to lớn the lake. It was a nice day for a walk.
walk a fine line between (something) walk a fine line between something walk a mile in (someone's) shoes walk a thin line walk a tightrope walk across walk across (something or some place) walk ahead (of someone or something) walk ahead of walk all over walk all over (someone) walk all over somebody toàn thân walk all over someone, lớn walk along walk và chew gum (at the same time) walk around walk away walk away from walk away from (someone or something) walk away scot-không tính phí walk away with walk away with (something) walk baông chồng walk baông chồng on (something) walk before you can run walk down walk down memory lane walk down the aisle walk feet off walk không tính phí walk heavy walk in walk in on walk in on (someone or something) walk in the park walk in the park, a walk into lớn walk inkhổng lồ (something) walk inlớn the lion's den walk it walk it off walk of life walk off walk off the job walk off with walk off with (something) walk on walk on a thin line between (something) và (something else) walk on air walk on air, to lớn walk on eggs wait up for wait with bated breath wake up wake up and smell the coffee wake up on the wrong side of bed wake with a start walk walk a straight line walk down walk of life walk on eggshells walk the talk walk-through walk up wall flower want a piece of me want it so bad I can taste it
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