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Bạn đang xem: Microsoft windows xp service pack 3

Is this still available from MS? If not can someone suggest a reliable 3rd party site that does not bundle adware/malware inkhổng lồ the download?


Service Pack 2 and Service Pachồng 3 are available from Microsoft here:

You must use Internet Explorer 6 or later.

Search for "XPhường Service Pack" (without quotes)


lưu ý that SP3 itself is quite old by now; even with it installed, you"ll still need to kiểm tra Windows Update (if it still works) for a few more years" worth of patches.

Xem thêm: Nữ Hoàng Nội Y, Tin Tức Mới Nhất Đang "Đập Hộp" Núi Đồ Hiệu 12 Tỷ, Ngọc Trinh Bỗng Tuyên Bố Muốn Chuộc Lại 1 Món Đặc Biệt Bị Mất Trong Vụ Trộm 15 Tỷ Đồng?

Archived SP3 download link from the official trang web are:

MS seem lớn have removed the XP. down-loads from their site, so you are stuông chồng with finding third-buổi tiệc ngọt down-loads. If you find more than one with the same MD5 check-sum, và you have a good virus scanner which finds no problems, you will have a degree of assurance that the down-load is safe.

However, MS continue lớn tư vấn XP covertly in the guise of WePOS, and this links seems to work for the present. You may need to lớn install the registry patch detailed here before you can install it.

Whatever you bởi vì, so you must back up everything profusely before attempting lớn install anything.


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